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Shenzhen Anqishun Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of security power supply products in China, a high-tech enterprises which professional engaged in various switching power supply and liner power supply R&D, production, operating and marketing. Do high-quality security power supply, contribute to the seucurity system,we strive to creat a reliable quality, superior performance, full-featured and affordable power supply products. Our sale and services involve in the whole world to provide customers with quick and quality services.

Since establishment in 2005, our production base has covered an area of about 2500m2 with over 50 employees and annually productivity of 500,000 power supplies of various kinds. We strictly follow the principle of “Leading Technology, Reliable Quality, Satisfactory Service and Customer First”. For years, we keep developing various power supplies and improving technology based on the market requirement and feedbacks from customers. With great quality and innovation, we win more and more overseas and domestic buyers, and establish great brand image with good reputation in the industry.

We insist on technological innovation and strengthening enterprise management. Now we gather a lot of highly qualified technical and management personne, with advanced R&D, production and testing equipments.The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and our products meet CB, CE, FCC, RoHS and other international standards. We are in strict accordance with ISO9001-2008 standard production and management. And relay the stable and reliable quality, integrity and thoughtful service to win lots of foreign customers trust and support.

Professional sales team, providing customers with more superior services,  developing market with professional products,  gainning reputation with prestige and  service.

We have advanced equipment as guarantee, with high caliber and dedicated developers as backup force, and highly motivated staff with a strong sense of teamwork  to contribute , we can better explore new technologies and markets to meet the new demands of customers.


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